About Covid 19 & Beyond

Starting June 1st 2021

Vax Global provides issuance and management of government vaccination and testing cards.

The Vax Global identification system can be recognized globally by immigration and customs as well as other government and corporate entities that need to verify COVID 19 testing and vaccination.

  • Recognized Globally.
  • Government issued vaccination and testing ID, so the end users knows its valid.
  • Entire card program is managed by Vax Global.
  • Identification features, Country of origin and can be issued by States and Provinces.

We manage all aspects of signing up users.

We manage all aspects of signing up users, issuing cards, and providing access to end-users to verify when their last COVID 19 test was and the results of 17 additional vaccinations that can be verified instantly using their ID.

This system can screen people with ease at everyday events:

  • Boarding a plane
  • Hotel Check-ins
  • Going to a theater
  • Entering a country
  • Entering a sporting event
  • Entering a restaurant

Simply scan the Government issued card.

Their most recent COVID 19 test and all their vaccination records can be viewed and verified.

Each card will have additional benefits for State and Country ID.

  • The issuing Country’s flag appears on the upper left-hand corner
  • For cards issued by Countries, the logo for the Ministry of Health appears on the upper right corner.
  • The issuing State/Province appears on the upper right-hand side.
  • The background of the card front and back can be customized to reflect your respective State, Province, Country, or Government Organization.

To further increase speed and efficiency at large venues while ensuring accuracy and validation of documents we have developed a system that can verify everyone through two methods.

  • If their identification has been verified before by five trained and certified Vaccination Card screeners a green light will appear and the individual scanning them will not need to review the documents.
  • If they have opted into the additional Verification process, their information will be reviewed and verified by a certified vaccination card specialist who will verify the authenticity of the document, ensure that it has been submitted in the correct format so our AI system can identify it.  In addition, we will contact the issuing organization to rectify any problems that are identified and have the correct form submitted. Once this has been accomplished, they will be eligible for the “Green Light” program for rapid scanning.


Our system is designed to be implemented rapidly State or Country wide our management fee is based on the total population of your respective State or Country.

Annual Management Fee:  0.25 cents per person based on population.

After that, we sell our cards directly to the consumer and provide all the customer service and research necessary to support your constituent. It’s a low-cost high-impact way to get Government-issued cards into the people’s hands and is instrumental in opening our communities up across the globe, safely and strategically.

Contact us today to set up your government ID program.