Quarter 4 2021

Emergency alerts are already here, but with Vax Global integration with Force Tone the power of getting out an emergency message is amplified.

Today you hear an attention-getting noise and then you check your text.

Our new innovative system changes the game.

When you send out an emergency message here is what the experience will be.

  • Three low beeps followed by the text tone stating the emergency


  • Tornado alert …Tornado alert
  • Forest Fire warning 

 Now they are not just hearing loud beeps, you are able to announce the emergency.  When your emergency alert is set the mobile phone screen will flash and reveal the nature of the emergency.

  • Amber alert with an image of the plate or child.

The possibilities are endless and will improve response times.


With the addition of geo-fencing, you can immediately alert phones based on the area that they are entering to warn them of potential natural disasters, civil unrest, or whatever the concern might be.