Online Certs

Online Certification

Verification Program

As we move towards more and more screening, it can only be done efficiently and effectively if it is being done accurately.

Individuals that are scanning people can become certified scanners through our training program.  They will become familiar with documentation formatting, verifying the authenticity of the document, as well as learning the importance of verifying dates, type of tests or vaccines, and from which companies and batches.

Why have your employees certified?

  • Reduces liability from mistakes
  • Increases efficiency of the scanning process
  • Heightens awareness of the importance of accurate scanning

The last thing we want is to have an individual that is cavalier and fails to implement proper scanning protocols and safeguards. Imagine allowing a positive COVID 19 person onto a plane or into a stadium after all the efforts of ensuring all the passengers or concert-goers were clear.  Simple training can mitigate that from happening.